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About Our Fabrics

Being made of natural, pure, high quality silk, it sets itself apart from other brocade fabrics which are made from artificial materials, which are sometimes blended with a low percentage of natural silk (which pushes the prices so high). The threads are so fine and thin, that no modern day machinery can wield. That's why the fabric is produced using decades-old machines that can produce no more than 4-8 m (1 Yard wide) per day! 

The colors change depending on the angle of light, just like an iridescent object (peacock feathers for example), and therefore they are hard to catch on the camera. This adds to their exclusivity and uniqueness, and makes them much more beautiful in reality than on the photos. "Truly glorious fabric" - these are the exact words many of the tourists who visit Syria and get the chance to see these "hidden treasures" say. Many go as far as describing them as the best silk fabrics in the world! We will let you judge for yourself.

The fabric is thick due to the high count of silk threads per cm. It used to be made for Royalties and very rich people, and the Damascene are trying their best to keep it of the highest quality possible, despite numerous obstacles facing them. This profession is truly an "endangered species" They pride themselves of inhabiting the world's OLDEST consistently occupied city, and thrive to keep a tradition of 100's of years alive no matter what the cost is.